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Why should I include an Affirmation Ceremony in my event?

Far from being just words that articulate the values we are committed to in Australia, Affirmation Ceremonies can be a positive community event that create a feeling of shared pride and enthusiasm for other activities on the day. They also bring a level of inclusion to your event, uniting all Australian citizens through a celebration of our shares values.

New citizens declare their loyalty to Australia and its people by taking the Citizenship Pledge at their citizenship ceremony and the Affirmation affords Australians who were born here an opportunity to do the same. In addition, the Affirmation allows Australians who were born overseas and who have previously made the pledge of commitment to join in re-affirming their loyalty to Australia and its people.

An Affirmation Ceremony is also open to people who live in Australia and consider it their home, but are not yet citizens. These individuals can still declare their commitment to Australia by joining the Affirmation at the second line.

Who can participate in an Affirmation Ceremony?

Everyone is welcome to participate. People who are not yet Australian citizens but consider Australia their home can take part from the second line of the Affirmation onwards. Participation in the ceremony is voluntary.

Who can conduct an Affirmation Ceremony?

People conducting Affirmation Ceremonies should be Australian citizens, but that is the only requirement.

On Australia Day, the person who conducts the citizenship ceremony will often also conduct the Affirmation Ceremony. You could also use a special guest, such as a local school student or outstanding citizen to lead the audience in the Affirmation.

In Canberra on Australia Day, the Governor-General leads the Affirmation ceremony. Many Councils will ask their Australia Day Ambassador or Citizen of the Year Award recipients to lead an Affirmation ceremony.

When should I hold an Affirmation Ceremony?

Australia Day, a day dedicated to celebrating Australia and being Australian, is a great time to hold an Affirmation Ceremony. It doesn't need to be expensive to hold and can be part of your existing Australia Day event program. View our resources to help get you started.

An Affirmation Ceremony can be held on any day of the year, and is especially appropriate on days of significance or as part of special events, such as during a citizenship ceremony, on Harmony Day or as part of a school assembly.

What are Affirmation cards? What is a special Australia Day Affirmation card?

Affirmation cards contain the words of the Affirmation and can be provided to each guest at your event on Australia Day. The special edition Australia Day Affirmation card is designed to give Affirmation Ceremonies on Australia Day a special significance and distinguish them from ceremonies at other times of the year. Organisers of local Australia Day celebrations can order complimentary copies of the Australia Day Affirmation Cards free of charge here.

Visit the Australian Citizenship website to find more information on Affirmation Ceremonies and Australian Citizenship.